Daily Heterotopias - Dragão do Mar de Arte e Cultura, Fortaleza, CE, Brazil - 2009 - Curator Michael Asbury


"Smoke" and "Niniteen sixty-four", 1984-2009. Video, color, sound material, 14'39" and 17'07”.

"Fortaleza", 1983/2009. Deadfail sticks and wire, 1200 x 260 x 120 cm, and wildflower pollen on paper, 45 x 33 cm each.

View of the exhibition.

Installation "Promise", 2006/2009 and "Your Land"1984/2009. Burned out paraffin wax and soaked and dried, cracked earth.

"Your Land", Soaked and dried, cracked grey earth, 50 x 60 x 60 m.

"Taking The Risk - All Of Us", 2000/2009. Pen on wall, 180 x 600 cm. Marks made by visitors.